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Supreme Widgets is a Premium WordPress plugin made to enhance your website with much needed marketing features!
Choose from 14 unique widgets and boost your static website with beautiful features.

  1. Contact Form + Captcha
  2. Tabs
  3. Call to Action (Image, text + button)
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Video
  7. Audio
  8. Page Siblings
  9. Page Submenu
  10. Responsive Google Ads
  11. Two Newsletter services (MailChimp and MadMimi)
  12. Google Maps
  13. Sidebar Login
  14. Social Network List + Font Awesome Icons

Supreme Widgets Social Marketing WordPress Plugin works great with Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress.
If you have it installed, you can insert any of Supreme Widget straight into your Page or Post content, directly
from Visual Composer's "Add Element" feature.

However, if you don’t have Visual Composer activated, you can still use this plugin "the old way"/as standalone, in all widgetized areas on your website.

There are two options for installing the Supreme Widgets WordPress Plugin: either upload the zip file using the WordPress Plugin Uploader or FTP the unzipped plugin files to the wp-content/plugins folder on your server.


Adding plugin using the administration panel

  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  2. Select the Plugins -> Add New
  3. Select Upload link.
  4. Click Choose File and locate the plugin package zip file that was included inside the download
  5. Click Install Now

Adding plugin manually (FTP)

To add a Plugin to your WordPress installation, follow these basic steps:
  1. Unzip the zip file that was included with the plugin download.
  2. Once unzipped, you will have a folder titled SupremeShortcodes - this is the plugin content
  3. Using FTP, upload the SupremeShortcodes folder to wp-content/plugins on your server
  4. Log into the WordPress admin panel
  5. Navigation to Plugins
  6. Under "Supreme Widgets WordPress Plugin" click activate


Supreme Widgets WordPress Plugin requires WordPress 3.6+


wordpress codex

In Supreme Widgets Admin Panel, you have few sections:

  1. Load/Don't load certain scripts and style sheets
  2. Twitter Authentication Keys
  3. Change colors for various elements
  4. Custom CSS
  5. Video Tutorials

Enquiue scripts and CSS files

If your theme or any other plugin uses any of these scripts or style sheets, you don't need to load them twice. If certain script is loaded twice, it may brake the whole website.

  1. jQuery
  2. Mediaelements
  3. Google Maps API
  4. Font Awesome (version 4+)

Twitter Authentication

  1. All of these keys are required for Twitter Widget in sidebars to work.
  2. Go to, login with your twitter account and click "Create a new application".
  3. Fill out the required fields, accept the rules of the road, and then click on the "Create your Twitter application" button. You will not need a callback URL for this app, so feel free to leave it blank.
  4. Once the app has been created, click the "Create my access token" button.
  5. You are done! You will need the following data later on:

Changeable Colors

You can change the colors for various elements, such as:

  1. Buttons background color
  2. Buttons text color
  3. Twitter bird icon color
  4. Audio and Video rail color

Custom CSS

Supre useful feature, we provide in all of our plugins and themes. Sometimes it’s necessary to make small amendments or you need a quick fix for various elements.
No problem. We can offer you an option in our admin panel where you can enter your own CSS rules.

This also benefits if you wish to change your theme style, but would rather skip digging into code.

Video Tutorials

We provide wide range of usefull videos. From "How to install the plugin" to "How to use widget by widget".
Feel free to browse our youTube channel for more video tutorials for all of our products.

Supreme Widgets – Contact Form with Captcha is a simple contact form enhanced with anti spam feature.
Drag and drop this widget in any widgetized area on your website and simply provide an e-mail address.
Additionally, you can set the widget title. If none provided, it will display words: “Email Us“.

Note: Button’s background and text color are changeable via Admin panel.

Live Demo

Supreme Widget Tabs is very useful, and convinient little widget, that allows you to display number of latest posts, certain post categories and a number of tags – all in one widget.

It displays:

  1. Latest Posts
  2. Categories
  3. Tags

Allows you to:

  1. Choose number of posts
  2. Exclude certain categories
  3. Setup number of tags to sho

Live Demo

Supreme Widget Image and Text or how we like to call it Call To Action Widget allows you to add image
(browse trough your media library), title, text and link to a page or a specific website.

Options are:

  1. Link to image (browse trough library button)
  2. Title
  3. Text
  4. Link (button)

Note: Button’s background and text colors are changeable via Admin panel.

Live Demo

Supreme Widget Facebook is a simple like box and it displays standard like button with 12 random connections.

Options you need to provide are:

  1. Title (optional)
  2. Link to your Facebook Page

Live Demo

Supreme Widget Twitter Stream display tweets from any Twitter account in the sidebar of your blog.
You can customize the number of tweets shown in the sidebar.


  1. Title (Optional)
  2. Number of tweets to show

Note: You have to setup Twitter keys in Supreme Widgets -> Twitter tab.

Note 2: Twitter bird icon colors are changeable via Admin panel.

Live Demo

Supreme Widget Video displays any video from today’s most popular Video services on internet.

Video services are:

  1. YouTube
  2. Flash
  3. Vimeo
  4. Dailymotion
  5. HTML5 hosted video

That’s right! You can even host a HTML5 video in your media library. Works beautifully on Mobile devices.

Options for this widget are:

  1. Set Widget Title
  2. Video width (100% recommended)
  3. Video height (in pixels)
  4. Video ID
  5. or Video source (HTML5)

Live Demo

Supreme Widget Audio displays any mp3 file from you library.
Well, it doesn’t have to be your library, just provide the link to the mp3 file and you’re done!

Live Demo

Supreme Widget Page Siblings displays all siblings of a Page you're currently visiting.


  1. Widget Title

Live Demo

This simple, yet necessary widget, gives you the possibility to display a list of child pages from a selected page.


  1. Widget Title
  2. Just choose the parent page from a drop down list of all published pages

Note: If page has no parent page, it displays its child pages.

Live Demo

Supreme Widgets provide two amazin and most popular subscribe to widgets, MailChimp and MadMimi.


  1. Grab and insert an API Key from your Maichimp account
  2. Grab your Lists Unique Id by going to your lists page.
    Click the “settings” link for the list – the Unique Id is at the bottom of that page.
  3. You are done!


  1. Provide just one thing: your MadMimi unique number.
    You can find this number when you log in into your MadMimi account, under WEBFORM click on
    SHARE and you will get link like this

Note: Button’s background and text color are changeable via Admin panel.

Live Demo

Amazing Google Maps API version 3. Did we mentioned they are responsive?
Make Custom Google Maps Look with simple drag and drop widget and add it anywhere in widgetized areas.
Use nearly all Features of the Google Maps API including 4 Map Types Road, Satellite, Hybrid, Tertian.

Additionally set:

  1. Map height
  2. Address
  3. Longitude
  4. Latitide
  5. Zoom
  6. Content for the marker
  7. Auto popup marker?
  8. Show/Hide controsl
  9. Disable/Enable zooming (on mouse wheel scrolling)
  10. Map type (4 variations)

Live Demo

Supreme Widget Social Network with Icons displays a styled list of provided networks. It contains a beautiful Font Awesome Icon before the network link.

Options are:

  1. Widget title (Optional)
  2. Social networks link
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. RSS
  7. Flicker
  8. Google Plus
  9. YouTube
  10. LinkedIn
  11. Skype

Note: They will all open in a new browser tab, so you don’t have to worry if users will leave your website.

Live Demo

We do our best to make your life easier with the Free support. Your feedback is valuable for us. We would love to hear from you.
If you have any suggestion, positive or negative comments, please feel free to contact us and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

Supreme Widgets Social Marketing WordPress Plugin works great with Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress.
If you have it installed, you can insert any of Supreme Widget straight into your Page or Post content, directly
from Visual Composer's "Add Element" feature.

And later filter them via WordPress Widgets or Supreme Widgets