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 Google Maps

Make Custom Google Maps Look with simple Shortcode and add it anywhere. Use nearly all Features of the Google Maps API including unlimited color variations, and 4 Map Types Road, Satellite, Hybrid, Tertian. Google Map with the Street View is also available!

Supreme Shortcodes -Google Maps Street View

Place a Google Map Anywhere You Want! If you want them responsive, put them in a [st_column…] wrapped in a [st_row] shortcode.

Sidebar Widget, Menu Item, Content Element, Contact Page Box, Page Footer…


[st_gmap latitude=”40.709467″ longitute=”-74.008842″ html=”Colorful Road Map” zoom=”13″ maptype=”ROADMAP” color=”#03b2f7″]


[st_gmap latitude=”40.709467″ longitute=”-74.008842″ html=”Satellite” zoom=”10″ maptype=”SATELLITE” color=”#03b2f7″]


[st_gmap latitude=”40.709467″ longitute=”-74.008842″ html=”Hybrid” zoom=”9″ maptype=”HYBRID” color=”#03b2f7″]


[st_gmap latitude=”40.709467″ longitute=”-74.008842″ html=”Terrain” zoom=”13″ maptype=”TERRAIN” color=”#03b2f7″]

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