Lines + Dividers

Supreme Shortcodes WordPress Plugin - Lines and Dividers

Break Line Clear Horisontal Line Dotted Dashed Shadow Top Text

Great to easily organize you content in the Page/Post with Break Lines, Horizontal Lines, 4 Dividers, and Clear Div option.


 Break Line

Let Your Content Breathe.

Add Extra Space Before + After



Clear Floated Divs.



 Horizontal Line




Dotted Divider



 Dashed Divider



Shadow Divider



Divider Top


Divider with Text


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Donec in arcu eu lorem
Ut malesuada tellus nunc
[st_divider_text position=’left’ text=’Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet’][st_divider_text position=’center’ text=’Donec in arcu eu lorem’][st_divider_text position=’right’ text=’Ut malesuada tellus nunc’]