Sections – Parallax

Supreme Shortcodes Image and Color Sections + Container

Image Section

Image can be used as fixed to the page, it can scroll with page or you can apply famous parallax effect.

Note: It is always good to put one clear shortcode after sections to clear sectaion’s floating to the left (it is used to remove white space between element before and element before).


[st_section_image image_id=’YOU IMAGE ID’ bg_color=’#ffffff’ type=’parallax’ position=” repeat=”][/st_section_image][st_clear]


[st_section_image image_id=’YOU IMAGE ID’ bg_color=’#ffffff’ type=’scroll’ position=’left top’ repeat=’repeat’ padding=’50px’][/st_section_image][st_clear]


[st_section_image image_id=’YOU IMAGE ID’ bg_color=’#ffffff’ type=’fixed’ position=’left top’ repeat=’repeat’ padding=’40px’][/st_section_image][st_clear]

Section Color

The title speaks for it self. Unlimited colors means, you can again choose form our color picker palette, whichever color fits in your website design.

Play with this: for example, if you use Section Color shortcode, and you choose dark background color, you will need light colored text. There goes our Text Color shortcode.

Section content goes here

Section content goes here

Section content goes here

[st_section_color color=’#fdc44f’ padding=’40px’]Content goes here[/st_section_color]


This shortcode is intended for narrowing/following the default website responsive width of the main content. It is used in case if your theme has a 100% full width page options.

In Container shortcode you can put rows and columns for even more responsive behaviour if needed.

[st_container]Content goes here[/st_container]