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iMac White iPad Black iPad White iPhone Black iPhone

Stunning SVG Drawings

Supreme SVG Drawings will always draw the shape of and iMac, iPad or iPhone, depending on what you choose when generating shortcode. You only need to specify the final image that will be visible when drawing is finished. PSD files for all avainable final images can be found at the support center. This shortocde is available in both, Visual Composer “Add Element” and stand alone version.


Draw an iMac, iPad or iPhone, using a simple on scroll shortcode, with unlimited pencil colors.

PSD projects for iMac, iPad, and iPhone images can be downloaded from Supreme Support Center.


[st_svg_drawing type=’imac’ image_id=’your-image-ID’ color=’#e74c3c’]



[st_svg_drawing type=’ipad’ image_id=’your-image-ID’ color=’#f1c40f’]



[st_svg_drawing type=’iphone’ image_id=’your-image-ID’ color=’#00a8ff’]




iMac Illustration

White iPad Air
iPad Illustration

Black iPad Air
iPad Illustration

White Flat iPhone 5S
iPhone Illustration

Black Flat iPhone 5S
iPhone Illustration


Customisation Options

Type: imac, iPad, iPhone

Image ID: Recommended image size is 1000 pixels wide and 600 pixels heigh.

Drawing Color: #fff