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Supreme Social Blog Post Formats

Creative Blogging Options – Blog Post Formats

Blog Post Formats make blogging easy & fun. Apart from many options for blog itself, like different layouts, custom header, excerpt word count, meta field choice and more, you can choose options for your posts.

Choose between 15+ Supreme Blog Post Formats:

  Status Update
  Status Facebook Post
  Status Tweet
  Status Google Plus
  Link Post
  Recommendation – Quote
  Facebook Note Update – Aside
  Image Post Format – Animated Featured Image – Gif Tumblr Style
  Gallery Post – Image Slider
  Video Post – YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, HTML, Flash, Hosted Video
  Audio Post – SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Hosted Audio (custom html5 player for playing mp3, ogg files)

TheseBlog Post Formats do not limit you in any way, they help you to post fast and easy, but you can always add any custom content you can imagine.


We are preparing Instagram Blog Post Formats in upcoming Version of Supreme Social WordPress Theme.