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Supreme Social WordPress Theme - Pages

Be Inspired by Supreme Social Theme

We take care about the details! Each page was designed to look and behave in the way it is supposed to.

Play a bit with Page or Post layouts. It’s good when you are not restricted to only “sidebar on the left” or “sidebar on the right” look. With Supreme Social Theme you can choose from six different layouts. What is even better, you can apply different layout to all Pages or all posts in general settings and later, change it per post/page individual settings.

Not inspired? Don’t have a clue about the design? No problem!
We’ll already fixed some of the most used page templates in today’s web. Simply go to our Page Snippets and download/copy/paste pre built pages.

What about special pages?
Well we got bored with the default 404 error page so we styled it a little. Go and check it out. We hope you’ll like it!

Many WordPress Theme developers has neglected this wonderful feature, but our Supreme Team has worked hard to bring you the best of WordPress has to offer today. Split pages has been supported in Supreme Social theme. Now, when you have too much content, you can split it into several pages, so that way it will be easier for the reader.

Supreme Social - 3 fat screens