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Supreme Social Features: WooCommerce compatibile

Your online shop

One of great features of Supreme Social Theme is that you can make an online shop with it.

Supreme Social Theme is fully compatible with latest version of WooCommerce Plugin!

+ Supreme Options Panel

+ Custom backgrounds

+ Choose default sidebars

+ Styled

There are couple of options in Supreme  Panel > WooCommerce and a predefined widget area for shop archive template that you will need to consider using.

Setup a custom background for all WooCommerce Pages, choose default sidebar and many more.

100% WooCommerce compatibile!

We’ve added required stylings to fit the design  and all required configuration codes to make it compatible with Supreme Theme.

If you dont need Woocommerce simply don’t install it and all the features, codes and anything required for WooCommerce will not be loaded and interfered. Vice versa, if you need to set up WooCommerce just install woocommerce like you do for other plugins and thats all about it.

You don’t need to do anything else.